At Westcoast Floors, we specialise in the installation of timber flooring, engineered flooring, floating floorboards and more. Our staff are extensively trained to work with you to ensure that the best flooring system is used for your renovation or new build.

Solid Timber Floors
Durable and expertly installed solid timber floors are a sound investment in your new home or renovation. They represent excellent value, are easy to maintain and give a home a warm, natural feel. Read More

Cork is a natural wonder when it comes to flooring. Once only used for bottle stoppers and corkboards, it is now a dominant player in the domestic and commercial flooring market. Read More

Bamboo flooring is a brilliant option for a hard-wearing and affordable floor for your home or business. It is tougher and has more elasticity than oak, beech and other well-known wooden floors while providing all the beauty of these. Read More

Timber Laminate Floating Floor
Timber laminate flooring is an unrivalled technical innovation that allows you to install your timber floors quickly and easily without the need for glue. Read More

Engineered Real Timber Floors
These floors are a combination of science and art. To look at them you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a solid timber floor. Read More

Vinyl Plank
This versatile product is relatively new in the world of flooring and is proving to be very popular. It may be used anywhere in the home and will add style and charm to each room. Read More

Many people love the look and feel of soft carpet underfoot. It’s an easy surface to walk on and has great insulating properties too. Read More

Nothing can light up a room quite like a stylish rug in a prominent position. Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, rugs are suited to many areas of the home and come in a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes to fit neatly into every position. Read More

Cleaning Products
Your investment in floor coverings can be protected by proper care and maintenance. Whether you have polished hardwood floors, carpets, vinyl planks or engineered real timber flooring, you’ll want to care for them to ensure they continue to provide the serviceability you desire. Read More