Carpet Made From 100% Pure Wool is Ideal For Any Room Throughout Your Home

The Natural Wool Carpet collection offers a line of durable yet luxurious pure wool and wool blend options. Although sophisticated and textured, the wool carpets allow for long-lasting additions to any home. Providing excellent insulation to both sound and temperature, the carpets boast the use of high-quality New Zealand wool for the epitome of comfort and luxury.

Nothing creates a feeling of cosiness quite like wool, evocative of warm nights in after a long day in nature. Wool carpets are coveted for a reason, these carpets are nature’s finest material woven into chic and elegant patterns.  

These materials are sourced from the finest purveyors and are available as pure wool or blended with synthetic fibres for additional characteristics. Constructed in plush, loop and twist methods, this line of carpets offers a variety of tactile and performance preferences. Highlighting the natural beauty of the wool resource, these carpets add a sense of calm to any modern home.

With both budget-friendly and luxury options, the natural wool carpet range offers something for every taste. The variety of options available can fit the needs of a busy household or a room requiring a sophisticated touch.

Crafted with the utmost in care, natural wool carpets offer the additional benefits of stain and crush resistance for maximum longevity. The natural occurring oils in the wool act as a repellent to moisture keeping it family-friendly and long-lasting.

These carpets are a luxurious addition to any room but due to their durability and stain resistance, are ideal for living rooms, hallways, and family rooms. The carpet thickness provides additional noise insulation for activity rooms while maintaining an aesthetic that seamlessly pairs with the rest of a modern and stylish home.

Wool Carpets come in a variety of warm and neutral shades. From vibrant and daring, to subtle and understated, the extensive line of wool carpets will suit all tastes and preferences to complement both modern and classic styles.