Australian Timber Flooring in the Eucalypt Natives Collection is Ideal For Rustic Home Interiors

Australian timber flooring is featured in the Eucalypt Collection, offering the incredible variety of wood that Australia is known for including Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Tasmanian Oak. Highlighting the natural characteristics of the wood, this flooring will add sophistication to any room. Celebrate the beauty that Australia has to offer in a living room, dining room or office.

With a Bona Naturale UV Lacquer finish, these planks will not fade or bleach in the sun. This durable flooring holds up to everyday wear and tear without compromising on elegance. With a 25 Year Residential Surface Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Warranty, you can feel at ease with having the Eucalypt Collection in your home.

Using over 70% of renewable timber resources to construct the planks, the Eucalypt Collection is an eco-friendly option when considering flooring. Often able to be placed over existing flooring, these planks allow for quick installation without costly renovations. Using Hevea Brasiliensis (Rubberwood) this wood carries similar traits of White Oak, making it a sturdy and reliable addition to your home.

Easy to clean and maintain, the Eucalypt Collection is perfect for busy households. With a focus on strength and durability, this flooring is made for active lifestyles. With a triple layered wood structure, this flooring is a more durable option compared to other wood species in the market.

Choose from soft grains to a heartier, darker wood finish. From the neutral tones of the Blackbutt option to the earthy hue of the Tasmanian Oak, this flooring can match any number of styles and aesthetic appeals. The rustic finishing available in the Blackbutt and Spotted Gum can add the perfect ‘Farmhouse chic’ look to any modern home. The Eucalypt Collection offers timeless elegance to any space.

Responsibly Harvested & Manufactured

Our company employs sound environmental care policies by using renewable resources and VOC safe components. We take great pride in being able to offer everyone a totally safe, green product. Our 3 layered engineered flooring composition encompasses the use of legally compliant, and over 70% renewable timber resources.

World Class Finishing

The strength of our technology and production processes allows us to distribute our timber flooring products worldwide with confidence, even in extreme climates. This ensures a look and feel to suit your design preferences and needs, which will last the lifetime of the floor.

Superior Stability & Consistency

HEVEA BRASILIENSIS (Rubberwood) is a plantation hardwood timber that has similar density to White Oak. It is well-known that Hevea core in 3 layered engineered floors is stronger and more reliable than other species used in the market, due to its physical and mechanical strength.

  • 21T17-Blackbutt
  • Eucalypt European Oak Flooring in Blackbutt
  • 21T17-Blackbutt
  • 21T18-Spotted Gum
  • Eucalypt European Oak Flooring in Spotted Gum
  • 21T18-Spotted Gum
  • 21T19-Tasmanian Oak
  • Eucalypt European Oak Flooring in Tasmanian Oak
  • 21T19-Tasmanian Oak
  • 21T20-Blackbutt - Rustic
  • Eucalypt European Oak Flooring in Blackbutt Rustic
  • 21T20-Blackbutt - Rustic
  • 21T21-Spotted Gum – Rustic
  • Eucalypt European Oak Flooring in Spotted Gum – Rustic
  • 21T21-Spotted Gum – Rustic






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