Oak Timber Flooring is a signature for the home that offers striking character and style

European Oak timber flooring from our Adore Herringbone Collection is more than just an addition to the room, it showcases the character and beauty of woodgrain and design. This diverse flooring offers warmth or brightness to spaces to accommodate any taste and style.

With a Bona Naturale UV Lacquer matte finish, this flooring does not bleach or fade in sunlight. The Adore Herringbone Collection is sturdy and durable without compromising on design. Able to withstand active lifestyles, this engineered wood is perfect for families and households from all walks of life. Able to withstand everyday wear and tear, the Adore Collection offers classic tones and woodgrain while maintaining stability.

Made from renewable plantation wood sources, the Adore collection is constructed from Engineered European Oak. As these planks tend to be thinner than traditional slats, they can be easily place over existing flooring without costly renovations and make for a much quicker installation (requires full trowel filling).

Easy to clean and maintain, this family friendly flooring offers sophisticated hues and finishings to match with a variety of home decoration. The soft grain design allows for the flooring to seamlessly integrate into living rooms, dining rooms, offices and entrances.

Available in six unique colours, the Adore Collection is sure to compliment any décor features. The natural Sunflower would extenuate the crisp countertops of an all-white kitchen while the Dark Chocolate would surely bring a calmness and focus to a warm study. The Blonde offers a bright, clean finish perfect for an atrium or hallway while the classic Copper would be suitable for cozy bedrooms or living rooms. The Adore Herringbone Collection is both unique and familiar at the same time, offering the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and style.  

Responsibly Harvested & Manufactured

Our company employs sound environmental care policies by using renewable resources and VOC safe components. We take great pride in being able to offer everyone a totally safe, green product. Our 3 layered engineered flooring composition encompasses the use of legally compliant, and over 70% renewable timber resources.

World Class Finishing

The strength of our technology and production processes allows us to distribute our timber flooring products worldwide with confidence, even in extreme climates. This ensures a look and feel to suit your design preferences and needs, which will last the lifetime of the floor.

Superior Stability & Consistency

HEVEA BRASILIENSIS (Rubberwood) is a plantation hardwood timber that has similar density to White Oak. It is well-known that Hevea core in 3 layered engineered floors is stronger and more reliable than other species used in the market, due to its physical and mechanical strength.

  • 20T05-Pure Diamond
  • Forever European Oak Flooring in Pure Diamond
  • 20T05-Pure Diamond
  • 20T06-Sunflower
  • Forever European Oak Flooring in Sunflower
  • 20T06-Sunflower
  • 20T08-Copper
  • Forever European Oak Flooring in Copper
  • 20T08-Copper
  • 20T12-Dark Chocolate
  • Forever European Oak Flooring in Dark Chocolate
  • 20T12-Dark Chocolate
  • 20T14-Blonde
  • Forever European Oak Flooring in Blonde
  • 20T14-Blonde
  • 20T16-Ash
  • Forever European Oak Flooring in Ash
  • 20T16-Ash






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