The right stain is the perfect finishing touch for your timber flooring, but the staining process can be difficult to carry out. Without the proper technique, applying a stain can be a messy and potentially expensive exercise. To achieve the desired effect, have it done right the first time with Westcoast Floors.

The purpose of Geelong customised staining is to make the grain and texture of the wood stand out, and it can really enhance your floor’s beauty. Pick a colour that complements or contrasts with the furniture and wall colours in the space. Deep browns and reds can create rich warmth, lighter shades can brighten up a room, and black can be a striking modern statement. Visit us at our showroom at Unit 1, 8 Essington Street, Grovedale and talk to our experts who can walk you through the process of floor staining.

Prior to applying any stain, your timber floors will need to be sanded and polished. Westcoast Floors offer a full timber floor polishing and timber floor sanding service.

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