Best Pet Friendly Carpet range

The Best Pet Friendly Carpet is our Popular UltraPet Birman Range Designed for Busy Family Households

The best pet friendly carpet in our UltraPet Birman range is made from synthetic materials in a twist-style construction making it perfect for high-traffic areas.

Constructed from UltraPet fibres, this highly stain and spill resistant carpet is ideal for families with children or pets. Resilient yet soft, this is great option for active households without compromising on comfort. This material also offers UV resistance to avoid colour fading. Easy to clean, the UltraPet Birman is an ideal option for homes with four-legged friends.

With the addition of Solution Dyed Nylon, colours won’t fade or bleed, remaining as vibrant as the day it was purchased. Ranging from warm to cool tones, the UltraPet Birman offers colours and shades for all tastes.

This carpet also has antimicrobial properties to ensure the safety and comfort of all household members. Affordable and sensible, the UltraPet Birman is a terrific option for busy families.

  • UltraPet Carpet range in Calico colour
  • UltraPet Carpet range in Caracal colour
  • UltraPet Carpet range in Chartreux colour
  • UltraPet Carpet range in Egyptian Mau colour
  • UltraPet Carpet range in Himalayan Fur colour
  • UltraPet Carpet range in Lynx colour
  • UltraPet Carpet range in Puma Brown colour
  • UltraPet Carpet range in Scottish Fold colour
  • UltraPet Carpet range in Tabby colour
  • UltraPet Carpet range in Tonkinese colour


Victoria Carpets will warrant your UltraPet carpet for an additional 10 Year period if your carpet has been installed on Dunlop UltraPet underlay. The extended warranty is applicable to residential wear, stain resistance, pet resistance and colourfast warranty.

Contact the team if you would like more detailed warranty information or care instructions for your floors.

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