Oak Hybrid Flooring is a Long-lasting and Elegant Addition to Any Home

Oak Hybrid Flooring is a series of long-lasting and elegant timber floors designed to complement any room in your home. Able to endure Australian weather and climate, this flooring is durable and waterproof. Stain and scratch resistant, it stands up to the busiest households.

With realistic oak and wood finishings, the pattern and designs of the Retreat Oaks series resembles natural woodgrain with the endurance of laminate and vinyl. Available in six shades and colours, the Retreat Oaks range can suit a number of taste and design options. The Sunplank Retreat Aussie Species Range is available in a variety of Australian woodgrains and colours. From warm to smoky tones,

This flooring is the perfect option for high-traffic areas. Easy to install with ‘click-in-place’ inlays, Sunplank Retreat Flooring can be put in and used the same day without any costly renovations. As this flooring is waterproof, the Sunplank range is ideal for any rooms in the house but can endure even the wettest areas including the laundry room and bathroom. The planks will not warp or swell when exposed to liquids.

Easy to clean, this line of flooring is low maintenance yet looks refined. From the Spotted Gum patterns to the Tasmanian Oak, Sunplank Retreat Hybrid Flooring celebrates the diverse range of wood that Australia has to offer.

The Sunplank Retreat are quick to install with their ‘click-lock’ system and can be easily placed by any keen homeowner with a flair for DIY. There’s no need for sealant or finishings, the planks easily place into one another for seamless flooring.  

Layered for extra acoustic protection, warmth and durability, these planks are innovative and welcoming. Offering the best of both worlds between laminate and vinyl while emulating classic Australian wood makes these planks the perfect choice for any modern home.

  • Sunplank Retreat Oaks Range in Inger Oak colour
  • Sunplank Retreat Oaks Range in Malin Oak colour
  • Sunplank Retreat Oaks Range in Tarill Oak colour
  • Sunplank Retreat Oaks Range in Avar Oak colour
  • Sunplank Retreat Oaks Range in Espen Oak colour
  • Sunplank Retreat Oaks Range in Gunvar Oak colour
  • Sunplank Retreat Aussie Species Range in Atherton Spotted Gum colour
  • Sunplank Retreat Aussie Species Range in Blonde Tasmanian Oak colour
  • Sunplank Retreat Aussie Species Range in Toolara Spotted Gum colour
  • Sunplank Retreat Aussie Species Range in Yengo Spotted Gum colour


Consumer rights remain in effect in addition to this warranty. Sunplank flooring warranties are extended to the original purchaser of the Sunplank and are non-transferable.

The warranty is solely for the domestic and light commercial indoor use of the product. The warranty only applies to first quality products and is not applicable to products sold as seconds, irregulars, shorts lengths or used. Products must be properly installed in accordance with the Signature Floors installation Guide.



The nature of the maintenance will depend on the amount and type of traffic. It also depends on the design. A typical maintenance program for a standard home includes sweeping the floor daily wit a broom or vacuum and mopping monthly.

Scuff marks caused by dragging furniture can generally be wiped away. If these is any difficulty, add eucalyptus oil to a damp cloth and wipe scuff marks to remove any residue.

Contact the team if you would like more detailed warranty information or care instructions for your floors.

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