Universal carpet range in Geelong

Universal Carpet Range For Busy Households

Universal carpet is soft yet durable and a perfect family-friendly option for any busy household. Made from synthetic fibres, the Australian-made Dura Tuft Universal offers a sturdy option against heavy foot traffic and stains. These materials are extremely resistant to spills and make for easy clean up in areas with a lot of play and activity.

Although strong, the Dura Tuft is both incredibly soft and stylish, making it the ideal choice for modern homes looking for a carpet that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

  • Universal Carpet in Porcelain colour
  • Universal Carpet in All Spice colour
  • Universal Carpet in Antique Ivory colour
  • Universal Carpet in Blue Fire colour
  • Universal Carpet in Calm Grey colour
  • Universal Carpet in Dappled Grey colour
  • Universal Carpet in Dark Lead colour
  • Universal Carpet in Egg Shell colour
  • Universal Carpet in Grey Vapour colour
  • Universal Carpet in Manganese colour
  • Universal Carpet in Pie Crust colour

The warranty on your Godfrey Hirst synthetic carpet protects the original carpet purchaser, if you have purchased a carpet for your own residential use in an owner-occupied residence. These warranties are not transferable.

Care Instructions:
A comprehensive carpet care program consists of four elements – preventative measures, regular vacuuming, steam cleaning and spot cleaning.
For further details on each of these four elements, please read the care instructions carefully.

Contact the team if you would like more detailed warranty information or care instructions for your floors.

Is carpet expensive?
In comparison to other choices available for your home flooring needs, opting for carpeting can turn out to be quite inexpensive. The materials, installation, and maintenance combined can be much more affordable than other options.

What colours do you sell?
Whether your home has a cool, contemporary feel or a darker, more dramatic ambiance, there is a carpet colour that can match your home’s style. Solid colours as well as patterns and intricate designs are available to coordinate and even enhance any decor.

What are the sound system benefits?
For entertainment set ups that include speakers and other equipment, carpeting can help improve the sound. Due to the sound vibrations being absorbed into the layers of carpeting and not reflecting off a solid base, they are clearer and more enjoyable.

Is carpet comfortable underfoot?
Walking on a hard surface can cause pain and discomfort on the heels and balls of your feet while radiating up to your knees and hips. A carpet provides a cushion that absorbs the shock and reduces the added stress on your lower body.

Does carpet have any safety features?
From toddlers taking their first steps to elderly family members that need assistance when walking, a carpeted floor can prove to be much safer than a harder surface. Small children fall and tumble when first getting their bearings straight, as do older people when they have joint pain or difficulty walking. Having a softer surface can aide if a fall should happen to occur.

Is carpet easy to maintain?
Occasional spots and spills are relatively easy to remove. Commonly found carpet-cleaning products have the power to quickly and seamlessly take out stuck in stains. Other surfaces are prone to cracks, splits, and holes while carpeting is easier to maintain.

Does carpet have a positive effect on air quality?
A carpet acts as a sponge for your home’s airborne agents. Instead of haphazardly floating through the air that circulates, a carpet traps particles and keeps them away from your family.

Does carpet have an impact on heating/cooling costs?
Cold floors are uncomfortable in the winter months as heated surfaces are unwanted during the summer. With a quality carpet in place, you can save on these inconveniences and on your monthly heating and cooling costs as well.

What is the difference between plush and luxurious carpet?
Choose between a short rug for traditional flooring and a luxurious, longer cut for soft cushioning under your feet. Both are cosy options.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
Many carpeting companies provide complete satisfaction guarantees so you are sure to get a product you are happy with.

No matter what type of carpet you choose whether it is wall-to-wall or an area rug, keeping it clean with regular maintenance is a great way to improve its longevity.

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