Rugs for every room

Nothing can light up a room quite like stylish Rugs in a prominent position.  Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, rugs are suited to many areas of the home and come in a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes to fit neatly into every position.  Additionally, the design of rugs now has quite a modern appeal to suit contemporary living tastes.  While traditional Persian and European designs are available, there are new players with enlarged motifs, borderless designs, shag rugs and novelty rugs too.

Many living and dining rooms gain appeal with an Oriental rug to set the tone and offer seated occupants a warming and soft sensation underfoot.  Colourful braided rugs are often wonderful talking points and large rugs featuring bold designs can dominate a room to great effect.

We carry a huge range of rugs suitable for every room and budget.

  • Custom sizes available.
  • Indoor and outdoor rugs.
  • Natural sea grass rugs.
  • 100% wool, wool/polyester blends & Solution dyed Nylon, and Bamboo blends.
  • We can even turn your carpet off cuts into rugs!

So come in and view the wonderful range of rugs.  You’ll be surprised by how far rugs have come and the styles and colours available now could soon be lighting up a room in your home.

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