Bamboo flooring is a brilliant option for a hard-wearing and affordable floor for your home or business. It is tougher and has more elasticity than oak, beech and other well-known wooden floors while providing all the beauty of these.

Other than wet areas, bamboo floating floors are suitable for use anywhere inside. With its multi-layered finish, it provides a smooth, dust free surface which is incredibly easy to maintain.  This makes it ideal for sufferers of allergies and hay fever. A light vacuum and a wipe with a damp mop is all that is needed to maintain a bamboo floor’s attractive appearance, even on stairs.

Bamboo floor boards are also particularly suited for use in bars, shops, offices and industrial buildings. They will not fade in direct sunlight as they have been UV treated and are one of the hardest floorings available on the market.  Any commercial space will benefit from hard-wearing, durable bamboo floors.

Bamboo floors are –

  • Durable and attractive,
  • Easy to maintain,
  • Ideal for people with allergies,
  • Suitable for commercial applications and
  • UV stable.

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