Floating floor or solid timber floor?

Solid timber floors are an investment for the future with a lifespan of 30 to 50 years. A floating floor is a good option when convenience is a predominant factor as they can be installed and walked on in the same day.

How long does it take to lay solid timber floors?

Because we have such a large team of timber floor specialists we can meet most time requirements carrying out timber flooring installation, in most cases a minimum of 2 weeks can be achieved.

When is the best time for timber flooring installation during a renovation?

It is best to lay the timber floors straight after plaster and before cabinetry / kitchen installation. Floor sanding should be done after all the trades have finished.

Do you provide a warranty?

We provide a manufacturers warranty and we only use recognised brands. We also strictly adhere to manufacturer’s installation processes.

What type of Geelong timber floor installation system should I use?

For Geelong timber floor installation, use the Direct Stick or Ply System. It is our recommendation when installing a narrow 85mm board that the Direct Stick system is more common and reduces finished floor height. The Ply System must be used for wide board installation (130mm and over) onto concrete sub floor.

What coating is best?  Water based or solvent based?

For a high gloss, traditional finish solvent based polyurethane is recommended. For a clean, fresh, contemporary, non-yellow finish, a water based solution works best. Contact one of our consultants and we will only be too happy to help find the best coating for your floors.

What is the lifespan of the timber floor coating?

With our recommended commercial grade coating, 8 to 10 years would be expected.

How much dust is created during the Geelong floor sanding process?

As we use the latest equipment for dust prevention, the dust created is minimal. We also vacuum between coats to assist this process. Contact us to discuss any other preventative measures you can put in place prior to your Geelong floor sanding commences.

Can I lay a new timber floor over my existing wooden floorboards?

Certainly, almost all of our timber flooring Geelong products would suit this kind of installation.

How often will I need to sand and re-polish my floors?

There are things you can do to prolong the life of your polished floors. Providing regular maintenance is performed eg vacuuming and periodical “dry” mopping, the coating system should last 7-10 years until it would require maintenance re-coat. Remember too that door mats placed at doorways will keep sand, dirt and mud being walked over the floor.

Are solid wood floors noisier than floating floors?

This is true to a certain degree, as the floating floor system such as a bamboo floating floor, or floating cork flooring, is cushioned by an underlay. It will also depend on what type of flooring system you choose. For example timber on bearers, joists or batons will almost always be a noisier floor than timber onto plywood (if a concrete substrate is present).